Right through the metropolitan region

In this section, we focus on the wealth of cultural paths that wind their way through the entire Rhine-Main region. Arranged thematically, these paths are intended more as sources of inspiration than as actual directions and offer readers the opportunity to discover the metropolitan region in their own particular way. On this page, the routes will gradually be expanded and the range of them extended. Feel free to submit your own suggestions to hallo@kirm.de!

Route 01

S8 – Öffi-Route

This route follows RMV’s LRT Line 8, offering passengers access to all the cultural institutions along the line between Wiesbaden and Hanau without the need for a car. In terms of subject matter, this route offers a potpourri of contemporary art and design in the Rhine-Main region. Click here to access the route!


Route 02


The five magical stops on this cultural route are mainly devoted to the life and works of the famous collectors of stories from North Hessen, demonstrating just how important Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm still are to the region. Click here to access the route!

Route 03

From early beginnings until today – Antiquity in the metropolitan region

You don't have to go to Italy or Greece to get an authentic insight into the life of the Romans, Greeks or Celts - a trip through the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region is enough to experience antiquity at first hand. To follow in the footsteps of antiquity, please click here!


Route 04

Specialities of the region

This route features museum gems of the metropolitan region that have dedicated themselves to very special and unusual themes. From watering cans to pinball machines - you can discover these specialities of the region here!

Route 05


The institutions on this route are dedicated to collecting and exhibiting the medium of photography. Klick!

Route 06

Bacchus' Traces

The importance of viticulture for the development of the region is shown by the museums on this route. In addition to the history of viticulture, historical and current cultivation and extraction methods as well as the role of the mild climate in the region are highlighted. Click here to access the route!